Sep 4, 2012

COFFEE!!!!!! Want it, need it, have to have it!!

How to grow and care for a coffee tree
Hope everyone had a good Labor Day! 

Yep! Now, one of my most stockpiled luxury's is coffee. I can not live without it.  I learned to harvest several local weeds to make fake coffee.


But it take 3 to 5 years for a tree to start producing beans! DAM! But is that not why we are called preppers? Because we think of the sh*t ahead of time!

Inside these bad boys are coffee beans!! 

Now a coffee tree is a fruit tree and our southern preppers will have better luck with this because they love the warmer climate. They need good drainage, rain rain and sun! They can grow to be 16 to 40 feet tall! Put can be pruned to a more manageable size and pinched to be more bushy .

Coffee tree plants can produce these beans with no fertilizer.  As with any plant it will help it to produce more if you do fertilize during prime growing season March to the end of October twice a month is suggested. Off season once a month.(also you can keep them out side during the prime time.

I looked on amazon click here  and they have some cheap small ones. Nice looking plants. Does not hurt to shop around and get one or two, even for a house plant. I am sure there are the green beans online too, if you want to germinate and grow a bunch of them in a green house or if you live in the warmer climate.

Harvesting your Coffee Beans

The fruit are red when they ripen in the fall,. But the fruit does not all ripen at once. In fact it will have blossoms and berries in various stages of ripening. Only the ripe berries can be picked. The berries cannot be picked when green since they will not ripen once picked.

You can just roast them at this point or spread them out and dry them no different than corn drying.

I have ordered 2 trees! And in 3 years I will let you know how it goes :)

And here is a great pdf  The Coffee Handbook Click Here

End song for this post is a great song...had to post the live version!
 Black Coffee by Everlast

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