Sep 7, 2012

Prepper Couponing

 A short post about making the buck stretch.

Many preppers already do this, but alot of you do not. This is a basic how to, to get you started.

Sorry to interrupt this post but had to share this one with you!
UPDATE: here is a good one $10 off a $10 purchase from Lowes means FREE.  I ran and got nails and some duct tape and leaf bags FREE.  It took a day for the coupon to be emailed to me but worth it! You just have to sign up for their news letter. (which will send you other deals) Click Here
Remember not all coupons are for the grocery store :) (Lowes does take printable from the below web site to. )

ok now back to the post...

Some basics about couponing to build your stockpile a little cheaper.

First thing to do is sign up at

 There are thousand of sights that help you figure out the best deals. Couponers call them matchups.  Try typing into google search "coupon matchups for _____________ " (for what ever store you shop at). You will come up with tons of sites.  I seem to find the best deals at the pharmacies. Now keep in mind that you are not going to do all your shopping the week to week way.

Walmart matchups Click Here

Walgreens matchups Click Here

CVS matchups Click Here

and my go to place is Click Here "We use coupons"

There are 3 main sites to print coupons and you can print a coupon 2 times per computer.  If you have 2 computers you can print 4....I work in an desk is safe from me printing a coupon I really want :)
coupon network

....and another great source is printable deals.  They post a new coupon when they come out.  I check this a few times a day from all over the web.

 Funny Friendship Ecard: I COUPON! Don't checkout Behind ME!

Also your Sunday paper (I always buy at least 2 because many deals come in two's) I actually buy the Saturday paper in my area, because they are cheaper and they have the same coupons.  Your local one may not,  but if you check papers like the Boston Globe, NY Times their Saturdays do. Many local free paper have them to. But don't get greedy. Someone in my area was taking all the papers. And the paper stopped putting them in.

DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY because you will go back to them in weeks to come.(meaning, you do not use that so you don't need the coupon, but if you can get it for free why not get it?)

Bazic 3116-24 5-Pockets Coupon-Personal Check Expanding File- Pack of 24 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Many coupons have  a set print limit...20,000,  100,000  what ever it is, when it is reached you will not be able to print it. So print it right away if it is something you want.

It really takes a few months to get the hang of it... But I have saved $1000's of dollars. Don't give up and ask other couponers questions they are always very helpful!  (that is why I am a regular at They also get the flyers weeks ahead of time  and scan them in,  so you can plan your trips.

One other note. Couponing is also a re-learning how to shop.  I shop WAY ahead of time. And as preppers we all, already do this. EX: getting 2 month of one thing because you are getting it for half the price now. Stockpile baby!!!!
These are a few pic's of stuff I got close to free or super cheap! WITH COUPONS!



I Clip Coupons (It's My Hobby) - Funny Rap Music Video (PG 13)



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