Sep 28, 2012

Leftover garden

 This is going to be my winter project city style. I am going to do it in hanging gutters I think. I will do up dates but will not get it started for a few weeks.  So keep an eye out.

Sweet potato’s Sweet potato’s you can root a piece of a sweet potato to make more sweet potatoes. But you can also take those (what I call eyes) the little sprout that grows off them and plant them in soil.  And grow the leaves which are a yummy editable.  Indoors or outdoors.  You can use them in soups or stir-fry’s. I like to cook them like spinach with some simple garlic.

Growing sweet potatoes in cold climates PDF Click Here

Carrot tops can be rooted…you will not get a whole new carrot but you will get some tasty greens.

Celery --- now instead of buying the celery with the root cut off buy with the root. Cut the stalks off leaving about an inch of them still on the ball and plant and water or you can even grow in in water like you do with potatoes... and just cut the stalks off when the grow. You now have endless celery.

All lettuces - just do the same thing as you would do with the celery. Just buy the heart and that core part, plant in the ground or start in water and transfer to the ground . This does not always work. Romaine is the best ones. When buying the lettuces just check out the bottom and choose one that has as much of the core as possible

Garlic is a simple one.... for every bulb save a clove. Garlic is getting up there in price and I can NOT LIVE without it. All you do is pop that little glove in the soil! Right in you window box. Simple and easy. It must be in the sun. Once your scape shoots up 6 -7 inches cut it off (you can chop in for a salad) and the clover will grow beefy. plant a cover with every bulb and you will always have free garlic.
How to grow garlic indoors PDF Click Here

SIDE NOTE: some grocery stores garlic is treated with a sprout inhibitor that disrupts the natural growing cycle and they may not grow so I am going to suggest getting some organic to start your garlic garden.

Keep an eye out for my post on Tues. I will be talking about garlic more. 


Scallions and leeks buy a bunch stick the in water or a pot of sand and cut off as you need. these will just keep growing. And make everything yummy and tasty and can be dried for later if they are growing faster than you can eat them.

Basically any seed from your produce can be grown as a plant.  

For example
Grape seeds .FRUIT OF THE GODS!  How great would it be to start a vine and plant it in your yard next year to have your very own grapes for juice wine and eating? And do not forget the grape leaf is a great edible wrap. And If you do the wine and juice save the seed to press for their oils. even if you plant the seeds in a lonely corner of the yard they will grow year after year. Jelly's, jams, raisins, wine, brandy,  juice and vinegar, oil for cooking and extracts for medical uses.Yeast naturally forms on the skin of grapes which will come in handy for baking.
All you need to know about growing grapes PDF  Click Here 

Remember this is an antioxidant, anti inflammatory has blood sugar benefits and heart benefits  helps with hypertension. 

Peppers and tomatoes. All you need for a yummy meal and all you need to do to regrow these's bad boys is dry and save the seeds. Same goes for cucumbers, pumpkins, squash and any veg with a seed in it. 

Store bought seeds and spices
 Even a bag of peanuts (not roasted) almonds. I buy the black sunflower seeds for birds and plant those road side (many the groundhogs get) but the ones that make it are new seeds...and remember the black seed sunflowers are the ones you can get the best cooking oil from (I am working on a post about this) . 

 Other things you can plant are any whole seed spices like coriander seed, mustard seeds, celery seeds, caraway fennel, dill

I talked about the dry beans and how you can plant those CLICK HERE for that post. 

Song for this post has to be New Riders of the Purple Sage – Garden of Eden 
 why because this summer I was at Gathering of the Vibes and was having issues making it from the camp site to the music area and Captain Toast gave me rides back and forth! So this one is to an wonderful man! That I owe! Dude if you come across this I promise to make it up to you next year!

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