Sep 25, 2012

Fusion Centers?

 Fusion Centers, truth or fiction? You be the judge.

I was watching movies for my Monday Movie post and came across this video

So as I watched it and wanted to know where the one in my area might be. It is a few blocks from me. I know people that work there and can not say that they in any way  go with the facts presented in this video.  It is a small FBI building.  In an Ivy league city;  I honestly was always concerned with the fact that it is so small.

But as I dug a little deeper I came across this story from the Washington Post,  Click Here stating my state is way up there in the spending on this???? what??? As I read this story and got towards the bottom and saw Bridgeport Resident Agency (FBI)  and other searches show several others in my state BUT I can not find an address for any of them? (UPDATE: the address are now there).  They are FBI offices, when goggling the area I do not see anything to large to be considered a camp. But a friend (non prepper) greeny did point out the the one near me has a ramp for vehicles to go under ground and they do own the giant lot across the street. So who know's could it be under the buildings?? And yes like in the video, it is right next to train tracks.  I love a mystery.


But here is the under ground doors??? for such a tiny building??

Do I agree with the film above....not really sure. But it was interesting to learn that this is in my state in a big way.

I am going to post one of my favorite less popular songs by a protest band. Ryan Harvey (Riot Folks) Cointelpro

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