Sep 16, 2012

Revolution on NBC


Well I am one of the cheaters that already watched it. I think the show is interesting. When watching it as a prepper I could see that there was a survivalist that advised. But I am also a major fan of J.J. Abrams! He really taps into the internet and gets a real world feel to his works. The  show being based on what would happen if the power did go out should make for some great conversation in the prepper world. Not to mention a few more people wanting to get ready...just in case. What I really liked is the kitchen of the doctor. And her garden....not saying anymore. I think the show is a glimpse into what it may be like for people that work together. What I am really looking forward to is the next season because of Abrams really does take the time to listen to the fans. And is famed for being on line at the forums chatting with them.

SO hats off to J.J. for another fun show. And I am totally looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

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