Jun 10, 2015

8 ways to keep your phone charged in a power outage

With it being storm time...our phones are our link to the outside world....keeping them juiced up is important.
Here are a few ways to keep them up and running.

  • First remember texting uses less juice than a call, so always try to text people when you can.
  • Battery saving app called Carat Click Here There are a few other free apps similar to this one. But this is the one I have. 
  • I always make sure that all my lab tops are charged up (even my old monster one) these can be used to charge your phone.  
  • I went to the 5 below store and got a few back up chargers to have on hand. They were only  5 bucks each so....It is good to have a few. I have one at work, one in the car and one at home. But my favorite one is the one I got at a festival I went to last year. A solar charger that really works. Cost me only $40 bucks. 

  • Now you can use your car charger...but I remember when sandi hit...gas stations where down in NJ and NY and people were driving to CT to get gas. And they were getting pulled over for having to many containers of gas in their vehicles. So the car may not be a choice. 
  • My good old stand by. I have a 3 in one car jumper that I got and you can plug your car charger into it. 
  • Always make sure that all your apps are off. And try to keep your phone at full charge just in case...and remember to keep your gas tank full...never let it run low.
  • Invest in a generator. I have a cheap one...and then went and got a 2nd cheap one (after the season when they are cheaper. A big one in the city will go missing really fast. I got the small one so I can bring it in when I go to bed at night....it is enough to keep the fridge cold...watch a few dvds. And do the hair. 
Songs for this post is one of my all time fav's No Phone by Cake


  1. I'm really liking your blog. So much good stuff here! Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you LadyQuig! It is always a good thing to hear!

  2. My car will charge my cell phone even when it is not running. So, I did not need to use my gas. I learned this during a tornado aftermath with no power in town. Plus, the city set up a charging station with wifi along with the electrical outlets.

    1. You are right that many cars will charge when they are not running. but always keep and eye on the car battery...ya don't want to drain it. I think a lot of city's did do that. And that is a great place to go and see what is going on and talk to others. But depending on the situation sometimes is may be better to avoid centers that are set up. And you may even score some bottled water and some supplies. I try to stock up on everything so I am able to keep an eye on thing on my street and area