Jun 27, 2015

The Baah-ndaid plant for boo boo's

Crazy week for me so just doing a quick post....

Lambs Ear for your boo boo's
A useful, edible, hardy, drought tolerant, attracts bees like nobody’s business kinda plant....that grows like freakn' crazy!!!


This is an easy to grow plant. I actually use to take it from a neighbors garden because it was out of control and she was weed whacking it down. 

And I love it even more now because it is the BEST plant out there for boo boo's!
Not just because it is soft and fuzzy.

It is the band aid of all band-aids!!!  It is an antiseptic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory...and it actually is absorbent!!  All of this adds up to uber bandage!

Because of it is super absorbent...it is mother natures large bandage...wrapping a bunch of these on larger wounds helps absorb the blood and helps clean it.  So now that spring is almost upon us...start the seeds for this plant. It is a garden must!

  • I can also be used in place of paper towels and pads (sorry dudes had to mention that) and even toilet paper.
  •  A cold water infusion of the freshly chopped or dried and powdered leaves makes a refreshing beverage, while a weak infusion of the plant can be used as a medicinal eye wash for styes and pinkeye.
  •  It is taken internally as a medicinal tea in the treatment of fevers, diarrhea, sore mouth and throat.

This plant has many uses which I will address in on of my weekly herb posts.

Perfect song for this post has to be   The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Genesis

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