Jun 11, 2015

Spices worth more than gold??

Spices worth more than gold??

Lets look back in time.

As I was organizing some of my stock it made me think....why the hell did I buy all these spices??

oh yeah! During the olden days spices were the big trade item. Why because they can make crap taste good. Would you eat a squirrel plain? yeah...but if you cook it with spices it will taste yummy. Spices can make plain rice and foraged greens taste different night after night.



In the 16th century, finding islands with exotic spices was the Space Race of it’s day for sea-faring European countries. Massive fortunes were made or lost on the success or failure of a trading company’s ability to get its ships around the world and home again with a full cargo of spices to sell.
City states like Venice and countries like Portugal and Holland invested heavily in ships and trading ports designed to get spices back to their own European markets. Spices were in high demand to give flavor to foods and to work as preservatives in kitchens from every class of the European population.

Read more at Wiki about the spice trade Click Here

And if the world turned sideways even for a few months, spices will be a big to have. They are light weight and easy to carry if you have to bug out.  Get a few pill boxes from the dollar store and fill those with a variety of spices.


 They can make a blan stock taste amazing. Many spices will be unavailable even in gardens. But having seeds in your seed stock is a good thing to!

Here is a great pdf on herbs and spices CLICK HERE

oh and COCO!! Stock up on some old fashion coco!!

PERFECT song for this song :) The Herbs And Spices Song~Todd Gilbert

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  1. Spices was one of the important ingredients which can make your taste good. I am planning to have spice incense which can be useful.