Jan 14, 2013

Survival purse/ cosmetic bag

and for the dudes.....a murse...or man bag

Ok.... so after watching Doomsday Prepper's Bug Out from NY I did learn a few things. One I need a mini bag. I have my bug out bag in my trunk. but because my car is always right were I am I do not really carry anything on me.
I watched each of the guides all say "You have to much" "You do not need all this".  And they made sense. Now we are not talking about suburban and rural people this is about getting out of the city fast and being able to survive on your know how till you get to your bug out location.

What do you need :
Now my prepper peeps will say gun. But in my state that is not as easy as that.
But .....
I got a cosmetic bag.... in it I have a rescue knife. Now I understand that a hunting blade is a better choice; but for this purpose a fold-able knife is just better.


When looking for a rescue knife I looked for several things.
-Window breaker (because you may come across supplies you may need in locked cars.) And it is just good to have god forbid you do come across an accident where it is needed.
- Serrated and flat blade. The serrated is a must to saw and cut things if needed.

The blades material is a matter of preference. I like a carbon blade. They are easy to sharpen but the blade is more pron to rust and staining.  Stainless steel is harder to sharpen but rusts less. Then you have what I have. High carbon stainless steel, the best of both worlds.  You can get into more complicated metal mixtures ect. But this is for cost sake. These are the basics and you can find them at good prices if you look around.You can even go with a small swiss army knife..but I am talking getting out of the city and you may need a real weapon. You have to find the one you are ok with.

Wiki has a good post on knifes Click Here  wish I had found this before I did all my research! It is very informative.


Have a copy of your drivers license (even an old one) birth certificates, and photos of your family.
Passports are the best ID if you can get an extra one.

Ziplock bag or two
A light weight way to collect water or hold foraged food. If you are on the move leaving a city you can find a water bottle in the trash bin on your way out. And remember in that bag put a folded piece of foil (great for make shift cooking)


Plastic drop cloth or 2 garbage bags
First... ladies this can be fashion wear if need be :)
You can roll these up really tight with some para cord. Great to keep dry, warm and build a shelter.
Here is a great link to 40 uses for garbage bags Click here

Now I am a mega scarf collector so I always have one on so this I would not need but it is a must have.  Uses for a Bandana Pdf   Click Here  140 uses!!

Small flash light, paper clips needle and fishing wire! I taped these smaller things to my little flashlight!

Activated charcoal
A small amount goes a long way. And yuu can always build a fire and use that charcoal...but if on the go this is good to have a pill bottle of in your bag for water purification.   Click Here for my water purification page for ideas. You can also carry some tablets or bleach. Or all. But I am talking about a cosmetic bag and the must must haves.  BUT it is not just for water purification check out my last post on the uses for it Click Here

Protein bars
Food is important but you can not carry 3 days worth in your purse. But a few Protein bar can carry you. I have granola bars only because I eat them all the time so I can rotate them.

Salt and pepper packets
Get some next time you are at a restaurant. If you are on the go and all you could grab is this small purse this will help make road side forage taste better. And it takes up no room in your cosmetic bag.


Bic or zippo lighter and some water proof matches
I say bic or zippo because if you were ever a smoker you know that the cheap lighters can break easy and become useless...Bic and zippos are far more reliable and last far longer.

Emergency whistle and small mace
We are women so these should already be on your key chain

A weeks supply of your meds including some aspirin and any other pills you deem a must
I have mine in a small compact with a mirror. A mirror can come in handy.


Alcohol wipes and regular wipes
Light weight pre wrapped ones.   Some people say baby wipes. I have those and these.  The alcohol ones can be used  as a fire starter, to clean yourself a bit and for wounds.(box of 50 at the dollar store)


Have some bills and coins (not really sure why coins because I never see payphones anymore but ya never know) . Once you are moving take a moment to put some bills in each of your shoes and in one pocket. Do not keep it all in one spot.

A package of tissues
All women know how handy this can be if you every were out with the girls and went in the rest room only to discover there was no TP :)    Who knew grandma was always right to carry these.


Now they use to have a Gatorade gum but no more.  But if you go to Dicks or any other sporting goods store they sell Muller Quench Gum. Trust this gum is a life saver, I have used it and the potassium in it can keep you going. The store may have other brands but I like this one. (I ate mine so I have to get more )


I am a firm believer in learning basic foraging. Because if you know what is edible along the road in all seasons you stand a better chance than most.  My basic post on foraging Click Here  and my Pdf tab up top has online books about it as well. Learn the basics.  This knowledge can save you and who ever you are with and it is a skill that can be shared as trade.

YES this can all fit in that little bag...if you are a women I bet you can squeeze even more stuff it it!! It is an art!!! 

Song for this post has to be Stereophonics - Handbags And Gladrags


  1. ZAS You are actually the first person that told me....in the city..YOU HAVE TO BUG OUT! :) and of course I have come to see the light :) so TY