Jan 18, 2013

Dollar store security system

 4 bucks for an on the go security system!
I say hell ya!

I found these bad boys at the Dollar Tree for a buck each!!
 A little fishing string or clear nylon thread and 4 off these can keep you safe.    They are pretty loud to.  Light weight and takes up little room in your bug out bag!

Yes, they are for windows and if you do not have a house alarm worth having a few of these on hand. Even if you have an alarm great emergency back up if the power goes out. You can even make trip wire alarms with them on your property.

But I am talking bug out bag gear. Even great for campers.   Basically these can replace the old tin can and string perimeter system.  

Simply tie the tread or string to each side of the alarm thingy (a small bit of duck tape may be needed for the bigger side) .  Tie the other ends of the thread to trees around your camp area. If trees are not an option put sticks in the ground or pile some rocks. And I would have them no lower than knee high to the ground.

Make sure these are far enough from your camp area to give you enough warning time.
and Tada!!!!

Oh and because these are dollar store things a few extra battery's are suggested just in case.

I mean,  this would be a much more secure system.... but it could cost more than 4 bucks......

Song for this post has to be..... Birds of a Feather - Phish.... you have to listen to the song it is definitely a song for a security post! ok maybe just to me :)


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