Feb 2, 2013

Baby steps to a prepper community

It has been a crazy week...no blogging...hot local politics happening were I am at, and I am a very active person...so it has been crazy and exciting... not to mention trying to get garden plans going and end of year crap at the office....ugggggg.

I have a half dozen posts started and none finished!  Which also means that I have a half a dozen prepping things started that are not finished because I really do blog about what ever I am working on.

 But I keep getting interrupted by all the crap that is happening around us. Storms, killings, economy, it all really seems to be getting so urgent. The government is out of control, the people are out of control.  And then there is me....were do I stand in all this. Where do you stand in all of this? What if anything can we do to stop the madness. I can sit here screaming a c-span, complain on facebook or go out and make a little bit of a difference in my area and hope it spreads. I do this by my involvement in politics....but I have also been trying to get people to prep.

As preppers,  many of us are guarded about our prepping because we do not want the masses at our doors if something happens. BUT the more people that prep around you the safer you will be.


First idea was a fail..
  • I first tried to get people excited about coupons and how to buy larger amounts when you can get a deal. I though the idea of saving money would get them rolling....but couponing and shopping for deals is a lot of work and they all lost interest fast. 

Second idea may just be working

 My inspiration is the local politician I am supporting.  He is not a prepper, degrees up the ying yang. And always trying to get the people of my city to be sustainable. Solar power, gardens, urban chickens, barter and trade, recycle, re purpose...  this is the way he lives (keep in mind this is an Ivy league grad who has worked for the government). The more people that do theses things the safer you will be. Very simple.

  •  Saying I am a prepper and you need to get with it or you will not survive is just to doom and gloom for many. But what if you tried saying the price of food is getting costly...if you grow tomato's I will grow cucumbers and trade with you. It is a small thing, very little pressure and they are more likely to plant a few other things.
  •  Make sure to swing by check out their gardens or in these winter months help them get their seeds started...I am doing the winter sowing...no real work in that and I have two others that are trying it....(because they want there kids to eat better...hey what ever angle works right).
  • And if we can get Joe to grow peppers we can trade with him. This is a simple way to start a prepper community without people realizing that they are doing that. And it is not as overwhelming as saying you need a 100 cans of this and 200 gallons of water and 300 rolls of toilet paper. 
  • Every spring and fall I help do a community BBQ's. Education in small steps, in larger groups helps to. We have had a recycle magician (actually he the head of the recycling department  at the local university) BUT he is amazing and makes re purpose and recycling fun for all. We had another university worker come in and teach fire starting and other survival skills. At other events in my area they teach canoeing and plant identification. ALL BEGINNER prepping skills. And if you contact local schools and organizations you may just find a teacher willing to do a fun presentation to your community for free.
  • This year I will be teaching local weeds for eating and medicine. 
  • Added note: we even have a new trade group the seniors of my city started. They trade skills for skills or products...plumbing for painting, electrical for garden food ect.  They started it to stretch there budgets and it took off. 
I know all this seems like a waste of time, but I truly think that everyone is a bit of a prepper, we are just in a more advanced level than them. 

We have to use what is happening around us to get people interested. EX: Florida...people there are preppers to some extent for hurricanes, areas with tornado's are ready for that.  I have a chemical plant near me and used that to teach many in my community how to make a safe room if a spill happens. I know what doors I can knock on and be safe if a spill happens. ( which no big ones have in all these years but better to be preppered)

Well now I am rambling... share with people get them started small and that may make all the difference in times of crisis.

The song I have to use for this post is..."Join Together" - The Who!!!

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