Feb 4, 2013

CNBC's Big Brother, Big Business 

 This is a full documentary but it is in a playlist format so it should roll into each part automatically.  I could not find the full non stop version.

 In "Big Brother, Big Business", CNBC takes a look at the companies behind the powerful business of personal information and the people whose lives are effected by it, including: a woman who lost her job due to mistaken identity; a man whose cell phone records were stolen by his former employer; a woman whose personal information was stolen from a company she had never heard of; a man who discovered his rental car company was tracking his every move. The documentary also looks at how the FBI, the Border Patrol, police departments and schools are using biometric technologies to establish identity as well as an inside peeks at an AOL division that works solely to satisfy the requests of law enforcement for information about AOL's members.

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