Jan 14, 2015

Prepping vs Hoarding

 Prepper versus hoarder

Disclosure: When I first started prepping I was extremely unorganized. It took time to get everything in its own place. And I am sure that a lot of preppers are a bit unorganized at some level; but there is still a difference between hoarding and being an unorganized prepper.

My hoarding vs prepper encounter

I was asked this by a family member that came to my house to help me with a mold issue. 
And saw my stockpile. I asked him is it not all on shelves and organized?  Yes, look at the dates on the cans are they out dated or old? No..... then why would you call it hoarding?

I already had my answers in my head because I knew it was coming the moment I asked for the help

I told him that a hoarder was a person that compulsively  collected stuff along with that collecting they are unable to get rid of stuff.

I how ever am a prepper. When you come to my house did you ever think that I had all off this stuff stashed??  NO,  you did not because my living areas are livable. I have shelves in the basement for all my stuff. I have the closets packed to the brim but  they to are organized. 

I then said do you know why? 
I live in the city and if something happens all this stuff will have to be ready to move to YOUR HOUSE :) Which is the truth he would be the first person I would call. and or go to.

We had a great talk. I explained to him look at the stuff I have. Really.... lets take a look and I gave him a little tour of the shelves and the empty bins on the side ready to haul the stuff out. I showed him my medical stash and my little mini emergency kits for storms and power outages. My generators and my drum grill with all the parts inside it to convert it into a heating source.  I walked him in the yard and pointed out my reg garden and then I showed him my hidden garden growing among the brush. We had our coffee and got our white suits on and masks (which I had already because I am a prepper). And got to work on the mold.

Why am I sharing this.
Well because I have spoken with other preppers that get the same lines. Preppers are really hoarders, preppers are crazy paranoid people and the list goes on. But sometimes having the right answer can  change a persons views on it.And may even add another prepper to your community of preppers.

We are all preppers deep down inside.
I have found that a lot of people have a bit of prepper in them and never even realized it. From the housewife that clips coupons to save money and buys extra when it is on sale. To the "Green" people who reuse, recycle and garden or the recreational camper or fisherman. We all are preppers in our own ways, it is just sometimes called something else.

Helpful tip to educate people
I also find it is helpful to inform people that every state has a preparedness site. Click Here for that list with links. And when you look though these sites they more or less confirm that we are doing the right things. (well maybe on a grander level).

I have a few other suggestion on how to educate people about prepping here. Click Here

Sometimes having a few of these printed out helps Click Here   PDF Basic Preparedness 34 page booklet to help and teach people how to prepare. From FEMA's web site.

And here is a fantastic PDF book I came across to share with those who are skeptical 
How to Handle a Crisis PDF  Click Here
 This is a great PDF because it talks about simpler things like auto accident, hotel safety to chemical spills and attacks. I think it is a pretty neat book and it shows how being prepared should be part of every day life for so many unexpected reasons.

I plan on doing a post about how I did get organized. Hopeful it will have some helpful cheap hints. 

Ok the song for this post has to be AC/DC- Are you ready?

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