Jan 12, 2015

Monday Movie -MegaQuake Could Hit North America

UPDATE 01/16/2015: Connecticut has now had 12 earthquakes in the past 2 weeks. An unheard of thing around here.

Ok first post in a long time. And it is Monday so I am starting with a Monday Movie. I choose this one because in the past week my state has had 2 earth quakes. And the New England region is not known for having them.

MegaQuake Could Hit North America - BBC

  U.S. fears overdue 'megathrust' earthquake will trigger tsunami and decimate unprepared cities on north-west coast

Cascadia fault line has lain dormant for 300 years
Eruption could trigger tsunami, devastating seaside communities - and reach as far as Japan
The north-west coast of the U.S. could be devastated by a huge movement of undersea plates known as a 'megathrust' earthquake, scientists say.
A review of the dangers posed by the Juan de Fuca plate released in the wake of the Japanese quake has raised fears that the Pacific seaboard could be similarly ravaged.
The horrifying possibilities have been brought to light by data researched by the Active Tectonics and Seafloor Mapping Laboratory at Oregon State University.




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