Jan 31, 2015

SEAWEED!!!!! Natures Power Bar

Back in my post about plants with protein Click Here I listed Seaweed...which is a plant, kinda. But it has 64.37 grams of protein!!!!

Here in New England we have a lot of Kelp (very high in iodine so never eat to much or it will mess with your thyroid). And kelp has a lower level of  mercury and arsenic toxicity than other sea plants and fish so I would say it is in the category of a power food.

 Here is a great site about Seaweeds and Kelp descriptions Clicks Here to know more about the different kinds.

It's shelf life is a few years when dried and it a great light weight protein to put in soups. And you can eat it dry like chips because it is salty.


Harvesting seaweed/kelp You can collect it along the shore line. Or you can find the inlets were it grows and harvest it from there. If you choose to collect it were it grows....then cut it of the roots..leaving a few inches...so that more can grow.

How to dry seaweed/kelp. Well in it a no brainier. more or less clean it in the ocean water so you have no sand on it and and put it on a drying rack. The drying rack should be built in such a way, keeping in mind that air should easily circulate through the seaweed to assure good ventilation and quick drying. Basiclly this is how to dehydrate seaweed.

Best to place it in a sunny place, If in a sunny place it will take 3 to 5 days to dry.

Other uses that make this such a great food

-You can make salt from it .  How to make kelp salt Click Here
- or even better you can just grate it and use it as a salt high protein spice.

Kelp can be a fantastic barter. So if you are along the shores take a walk on the beach and learn were your kelp and seaweed are growing and gathering up. Grab some to add to your stockpile.

Song for this post has to  be  "Octopus's Garden," The Beatles 

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