Basic Garden Videos

  Some basic garden videos (how to's) I will be adding to this as I go. 


How To Root Tree Cuttings 

this to me is very important because you can grow plants without seeds start now. do some clipping and grown them in a corner of your yard.  Fruit trees and berry bushes, sap trees ect. You can even plant them in a wooded area near your home (as a city person there are few of these but I am lucky to be next to a state park) 


Prepper Survival Garden 4 basic things you need to grow! 


Hiding your garden

20 sf garden in 4ft Now I have seen this done in old grocery cards filled with wood chips and mulch. What else can you use? cheap fencing wire?



Bark graffting fruit trees (kind of like rooting)


This is not a video post but a You Tube channel post


Larry Hall has a bunch of great videos,  I could not post them all.  Here
 is the link to his You Tube Channel. I of course love his tobacco videos. But he has some really great stuff including The Self Watering Rain Gutter Grow System
Click Here for Larry Hall


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