Nov 3, 2012

Surviving the Storm

Storms like sandy are reminders of why we prep. I prep because of the economy. When the storm was crawling up the coast I started to realize that I had not prepared as much as I thought. Power is still out for millions, I am am not one of them. But many of the people in my city and the surrounding ones are.

Pre-storm ... Warnings were on a scary level...mayor, governor and prez all saying it is going to be really bad. To be ready to be without power for weeks. I walked though my home and thought I have everything I am fine. Took a drive to the stores to look around and see what I might not have and what others were getting.


Food and water were gone in all stores (not an issue for me because I prep). Stopped at the gas station filled up and got some extra in a gas can...(all gas cans were gone at all stores so I was lucky I had those)

I got extra 6 mil plastic just in case the winds did damage to the roof or blew windows out.

Got the small propane heaters (the ones that mount to the top of the grill tanks).

And remember the stray animals and lost pets. I made a safe dry place for them.

I procrastinated on getting a generator because I live in the city. It would be missing by the morning if I got it. I do have a 3 in 1 jumper and a small inverter that would at the least give me some charging ability.  But then I started thinking if I am without power for 2 weeks one of those small portable ones would at least keep the fridge cold and let me watch tv and have some power. And I could bring it in at night.  But they were long gone.

 Hopefully they will have some tomorrow because they said another storm is on its way!

 I have learned from this storm. And I am making the purchases I need to make to correct them. Many in other areas did not prep. And the one thing they did not have is go bags....canned food and hand can openers! So because those are basics I hope all of you guys have those in you go kits!! And have extra can openers to give to people.

Somethings you just can not prepare for....many in my state NJ and NY have no homes left. Prepping would not of helped them.  Not to say that living on the ocean and near water you are always at the risk of the sea coming in. But with this storm it went blocks and blocks into community's that have never saw the sea at their doors. It took many off guard. And rescue could not get them out until the end of the storm.

 I had friends that refused to evac even though they got repeated visits from the authority telling them they needed to. They were luckily safe.  But looting was taking place around them. So staying was the right choice.


Side note we had a tree fall and 2 skeletons where found in the roots (over 2 century old!)

Song for this post has to be The Police - Message in a Bottle 



  1. I am glad you are alright. I love your page and check it almost daily. Glad you are safe and little damage was done.

  2. I am also new to prepping more so for economic reasons! So glad you are ok. continued prayers so glad I found your page.