Sep 21, 2012

How to make a blow gun

The basics to make a cheap blowgun.  This will cost you less then $10.00 to make this ageless weapon.

The length of your blow gun is important. It lends to the velocity of the dart. Most blowgun makers say 7ft. but no less than 5ft.

It is a simple to make a weapon with alot of power. Yet another stealth one like the crossbow. They suggest using 1/2 inch cooper piping. Wrapping it in black electrical tape so it is less noticeable. Even go all tribe and decorate it if you want.  You can use plastic pvc pipe to. My only issue is if you are on the go,  a 5ft pipe is not that portable. But never worry there is a solution. You can cut it down to smaller pieces and make it fit together like a fishing pole does. This is simple get a small piece of the next pipe size up.cut a slit in it. But now a days you may find a piece made to fit to two pieces together.


Put some small hose clamps on it so you can tighten it when you put it together.

The mouth piece can be made with pvc coupler or as I call it the pcv thingy with grooves. You may have to play with it a bit with tape so it fits securely and then glue it on once you have done this.


These are some simple ideas for darts

this is just nails masking tap and string...but I have seen the string part replace with a simple paper cone. 


Paper cone one- I think this one is far more effective because you have more control over the fit in the blow gun.

you can cut  it to fit nice. and glue and or tape the paper to the nail. 
I really think you have to play around with it to get a good one and to get a feel for what works for your lung capacity. I see on the net people making smaller ones. But the hunters stand by.... you needing a longer one to use for hunting. A shorter one could be used as protection. Or just make it so your longer one can be used as a short one to.

And the song for this post is going to be ....... I am blank on a song for this post dang it... not one good song for it!!! So I am just going all jam band on yeah :)  Love the Dead and love jam bands. So getting a little funky.

In Case the World Changes It's Mind - Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood